How to set FOLLOW FRAME YAW for the SimpleBGC32- Alexmos Gimbal controller through ARUPILOT

Dear All…

I’m using the gimbal ARRIS cm3000 (SimpleBCG32-Alexmos). I’m practice the wiki of ardupilot which is about gimbal wiring and configuration using Alexmos (MNT_TYPE=3) --> (…).

During the BaseCam SimpleBGC software setting all works fine about the frame follow mode (enabled for the yaw and disabled for the pitch and roll)…

than…when i connect to the “telemetry2” port, the remote controll seem to be right about DO_MOUNT-CONTROL orientation (command of Mission Planner for the yaw, pitch and roll gimbal orientation) but the problem is the inconsistence between the yaw angle of the gimbal that does not follow the frame yaw during the fly… it should be ever the same…

I would be grateful if you could help me to understand how is possible that the gimbal FOLLOW YAW works fine exclusively when it is not connect to the Pixhawk. In fact just when i connect on the “telemetry2” port of pixhawk the gimbal lost its follow mode for the yaw and keeps to point a wrong specific direction ( like pitch and roll)…

I’m deeply studing the wiki ardupilot, i’m searching about a parameter that enables the YAW FOLLOW MODE in ardupilot but nothing until now.

I know that ther is a Mavlink connection possibility (using different configuration and wiring) but I’d like to try with Alexmos type first.

can somebody help me? every advice is very helpful…thank’s lot.

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Following closely, Have been battling the Storm32 for a while and do not want to go to betacopter to make it work.
Sure hope we can get the alexmos working well.

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