How to set flight speed for flight plan

I set some waypoints in flight plan, but don’t know how to set the flight speed from one waypoint to another waypoint. :question:
Can anyone help :question: :question:

There are a couple of ways. Adding a DO_SET_SPEED command to your mission will set the target speed either for air or ground speed (you don’t say if you are flying a plane or copter). Note that doing it this way means the target speed will remain at this value until you reboot the autopilot, or add another DO_SET_SPEED.

In plane you can also use ArduPlane:TRIM_ARSPD_CM to set the target airspeed permanently. Using DO_SET_SPEED will still override it if added into a mission.

Be careful of setting speed too low for planes, your aircraft could stall.

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There is a command [ do change speed ]. use it in between waypoints .
Here is a link to the mission planner info
I have not yet used this feature.
There are differences in the required parameters used for Copter, Plane & Rover.

thank you, let me try it this weekend.

thanks, I am flying copter.

My apologies, as pointed out, the command is DO_CHANGE_SPEED not DO_SET_SPEED

I try to use DO_CHANGE_SPEED on my plane, but still after passed that waypoint its speed not change…

Did you manage it…i am also working in this and nothing at all.

These links are broken. Are there any Do_Set_Speed parameters in Arduplane in Autonomous mode (Mission)?