How to separate engines on boat

Hi I am using a radiolink pixhawk on my RC boat and I have two engines and two rudders and I need to make it so on my at9s I can have left engine on ch3 and right engine on ch2 please tell me if there is a way to do it thanks Sam.

if you want it to control the engines independently then just set it to skid steering and use the left and right outputs . If you want them to work in sync, just set both outputs to throttle.

your rudder is setup as ground steering.

Hi I do not want skid steering just separate control on each engine sorry if there was a miss understanding.

so are you wanting to control them independently with dual sticks but not have ardupilot mix them?

you can change it to 2 paddle mode but im not sure if ardupilot will still try and skid steer with it.

you would probably have to make a lua script to custom mix them to another channel.

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Thanks for that :blush:…,…