How to send the speed while we are sending the mission (via Mavlink 2)?


I have a custom ground control that uses MAVLink. I create a mission and pass to the autopilot without a problem. However I wonder how to specify the speed of each mission item while I am passing the mission.

In the mission item message i don’t see any parameter to specify it.

It is possible? How it will be?

Thank you!

You can use DO_CHANGE_SPEED to control the speed. It’s not a parameter, but another mission item. It’s possible to change the speed based on mission item with a lua script as well.

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Thank you so much,

So there is no a way to pass the speed as a parameter while we are sending the mission, isn’t it?
Is there only this command to change the speed?


This mission command will change the speed for the specific mission. WPNAV_SPEED parameter controls the mission execution speed if no DO_CHANGE_SPEED is sent to the drone.