How to send the quadcopter information such as position (longitude, latitude and altitude) to a server?

Hi! I am trying to send the position of the quadcopter I am flying to the server where the information can be updated and other people can assess it later. The quadcopter will have GPS with the Pixahawk as flight controller. I am having problems trying to obtain the data to upload them to the server.
So how can I configure the quadcopter so that it will regularly upload its position to the server real-time as I am flying it? Do I need to use the Arduino Boards? Thank you in advance for your time.
Also, for the server, I am thinking of using Google Sheets, but it would be great if there are better options.

You just need to use pymavlink to parse mavlink data coming from the drone and send it to the server.

You can do that using a companion computer connected serially to the flight controller and connected to the internet using an LTE modem.

Or you can do that on your ground station computer.

I see. Thanks for quick reply. I am using the software Mission Planner as a ground station. Where can I use pymavlink in Mission Planner and how are the data received after using pvmavlink?

You do need to read the pymavlink documentation now.