How to send GPS position of Mission Planner from Android to Rover for 'follow me' mode?

Hi, I’m trying to get my rover to follow my phone. Hopefully I’m asking in the right place and providing the right info.

ArduRover 4.0 is running on a pixhawk, using a pair of xBee radios for telemetry. For ‘ground’ control I’m running Mission Planner on an Android device (Pixel XL).

The Rover side xBee is on telem2 and the Android side is on a USB-OTG adapter. Mission planner can connect to the rover and read/set params and waypoints with no trouble. Works fine. What I’d like to do is be able to use “follow me”, to follow the position of the phone.

The problem I seem to have is I don’t know how to make Mission Planner read the phones GPS. The “GPS inject” feature under optional hardware, or in the ctrl+f screen, only seems to want a serial GPS. The “FOLL_ENABLE” parameter is set to 1 and “FOLL_SYSID” is set to the GCS MAVLink ID (255), but I’ve tried setting it to “0” also with no luck.

Would anyone know how to get the Android version of Mission Planner to read the phones GPS? It has full permissions but doesn’t seem to try to access the GPS at all.

Thank you kindly for any tips on this!

I’m not sure if no replies means it’s a dumb question with an obvious answer, or what :slight_smile:

currently not possible, but there is a plan to make this happen

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Ah OK! That’s awesome. I thought I might have been missing something. Can’t wait to test it out! Thanks so much for the reply.

Is there an update of this feature? Thank you for your time.

Edit found the answer, have not tried it yet:

“In the case of QGroundControl, all that is required is to switch to FOLLOW Mode once it is connected to QGroundControl. It will then follow the computer/phone running QGC.”