How to send a text message from a companion computer to the GCS through Ardupilot?

I would like to send a a short status text message from a Companion Computer to the Ground Control Station that will be displayed in Mission Planner or QGroundControl somehow.

The Companion Computer is connected to the Ardupilot in the vehicle.

Is there a way to do so using mavlink?

Let me answer my own question:
The STATUSTEXT [ #253 ] message sent from the companion computer appears in the Mission Planner (I guess QGC is the same) when I tried using the real hardware setup. (GCS connected to TELEM1, Companion Computer to TELEM2). It just didn’t work on sitl config.

I need to do the same>>> any one can help?

You need to broadcast the message.

Thank you dear.
I managed to do it as you said. Thanks again.

Hy! i want to do the same task, i am using a NODEjs module to decode and create mavlink message. The node is decoding mavlink message perfectly. But when i am tryingh to create a mavlink message through status text (#253), i don’t see my message in mission planner. Idealy in mavlink inspector of mission planner i should have seen the message that i am sending through the statustext. Am i making some mistake? and how you guys have achieved the task and where in mission planner did you see the string that you have send through statustext ?

It also shows in the “Messages” tab of Mission Planner

Well by changing the system ID and component ID (e.g Vehicle 255) i can see my status text, but when i send on Vehicle 1 (system ID =1, component ID=1) i never see the statustext. I think the reason of this is that my Autopilot is not configured right now and all the time it shows its own warning statustext.