How to select the best Hardware with the Myriad of choices available?

How to select the best Hardware with the Myriad of choices available?

Wow - I am overwhelmed by how awesome this community is and how vast the options are with open source ArduPilot. Just amazing…here is where I need help. I am a total 100% Noob!

I know I can learn everything virtually for the software stack i choose, even write my code and watch it go in a sim. WIthout even having a Flight controller. (Well almost but you know)

I even see courses on the software stack - Ardupilot - Dronekit- whatever.

I know we have open source hardware and we have closed systems we support. The list are vast.

So I am looking at 1 Quad Copter and 1 Rover in my Project. Total POC hand built by me.

I am an avid Modeler with 15+ years R/C Experience. (Gas/Nitro/Electric) Cars, Planes, FPV Quads, giant scale to .40 sized.

I need a low cost option to get in with good features. But I am on a serious budget so no $2K flight controllers complete with 5G YET! :sunglasses:

From there I need ESCs and motors and the rest of a good quad. Starting there first. Need support for 2 camera’s if possible.

Is there an Ardupilot for dummies as I am picking up everything I can about Sensors, CAN Bus Support, etc… but its alot and I don’t want to buy the wrong board to start.

It’s like the Rasberry pi - I need the best model I can afford if I can even be done for $300?

I have looked at the Holybro Pixhawk 4 vs 6 and I just need to do more research.

Guess I am looking for any good combo recommendations and good places to start on a budget.

Baby steps till I get where I want to be - hovering with a GC Station rocking some pre-programed commands for this Quad to do it’s job! Long way form that day I am afraid. But Determined.

Thanks In Advance!