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How to select Motors, Arris or TMotor

Hi every one!

I have been using this 2 kind of motors:

They have almost the same specs, the main difference a ishe arris weight just 82gr and the Tmotor almost 200gr.If you think on an hexacopter, is almost 1.2Kg just in the motors with the Tmotor, and just 500gr with the arris.

What advantage can the Tmotor 400kv motor give me in comparasion to the arris? Because on the paper, will be better the arris.


I wouldn’t say that. If you don’t need a 850W capable motor than sure consider something else.

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Thanks Dave! In fact, that its my question. Let me try to explain myself. Here are this 2 charts, where it say how much weigt can lift, with what amps and props from both motors. Lets think the drone will weight 4Kg total with the Tmotor on.


So, both say they can lift 950 gr aprox, using almost the same amps. right?
And both say the max power is 2.5Kg thrust aprox., whit almost the same amps. right?

BUT! 4 motors from Tmotor weight 800gr, and 4 Arris motors weight 340gr, 460gr less on the Arris setup, so now we have a 3.54Kg drone, needing 875gr thrust for each motor to take off, as a result, I will have a longer flight.

Looking at this point, the Arris will be better.

Maybe Im leaving something out, and that its what I want to understand.

I appreciate your comments!


Hi, can anyone give ma a hand with this??? :thinking:

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