How to see pid graph in b-log

Ricoman is receiving a lot of help from you.
If i ask a question and get an answer,
I still have a lot of questions.

What I’m curious about today is how to see the PID value in B_LOG.

My helicopter is very dangerous right now.

In the poshold state, releasing the stick during the flight will cause the helicopter to rock back and forth several times before stopping.

This is very disturbing to the viewer.

So I decided to pid tune.

I opened the B-LOG with confidence, but this was enough to frustrate me.

What values ​​can I adjust these graphs for?

As an additional question,
What is wrong if the helicopter in the poshold state is rocked back and forth when the stick is released?

I had this problem when flying a heavy quadcopter.
I solved the problem by reducing the p value very significantly.

I wonder if I’m approaching this right.!DVp1SIoJ!w73QX2-eSm8VMYzKe0mvJdYCd-m-pAW1r4aWunhhgoA

Here is the download link for b log