How to see logged raw roll, pitch, yaw?

I have a .bin file that contains many ATT messages - this document describes ATT as canonical attitude (roll, pitch, yaw…). I take ‘canonical’ to mean they are EKF output values - is this right? Are raw attitude data from the onboard IMU/AHRS logged somewhere? I couldn’t find an obvious message name in that document for those.


usually IMU0 IMU1 and IMU2 depending on the flight controller depends on how many you have.

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Looking at the documentation, I don’t see roll, pitch and yaw in the IMU message.


Inertial Measurement Unit data

TimeUS Time since system startup
I IMU sensor instance number
GyrX measured rotation rate about X axis
GyrY measured rotation rate about Y axis
GyrZ measured rotation rate about Z axis
AccX acceleration along X axis
AccY acceleration along Y axis
AccZ acceleration along Z axis
EG gyroscope error count
EA accelerometer error count
T IMU temperature
GH gyroscope health
AH accelerometer health
GHz gyroscope measurement rate
AHz accelerometer measurement rate

I see rotation rates and accelerations there, but missing roll, pitch and yaw?

those are calculated from the accelerometer and gyro…

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