How to save change via NSH, pls help

Hi guys,
my situaton:
so far I know that, output CH1234 belong to group0 and output CH5678 belong to group1
Tricopter tail servo should connect to the CH7 with 50hz default update rate.
1, I’m using a digital servo “333hz”, so I wanna change the rates of group1 from 50hz to 333hz.
2, I already tried the NSH CLI “pwm rate -g1 -r 333” command, and show the current configuration"pwm info" as below pictures:

3, My problem is, it will lost the change after I reboot my pixhawk FC,

4, Can anyone tell me how to save the change in NSH CLI, pls help me out!
thanks anyway!


Is anybody here ? I’m waiting for help

You cant save the change via NSH. Which firmware are you running? If it’s Arducopter, you can change the RC_SPEED parameter, and if it’s Arduplane, you’ll need to modify the firmware, as 50Hz is hard-coded.