How to reset pixhawk?

How do you reset pixhawk? With or without power on? Does this only rest the params or does it erase the firmware such as apmcopter or apmplane etc? I’m trying to correct a strange pitch twitch it does on its own in all guided modes.

If you execute the setup, reset command in terminal, you can do it by USB connection, it will erase the parameters, it will keep the firmware such as arducopter.

I hate to sound like an idiot but I connect the pixhawk via usb to APM Planner 2.0. I go to terminal and I do not see a reset button? Do I need to type reset then hit enter?

the easiest thing to do is load plane and then re-load copter. That will erase the flight code and the parameters


This thread sounds interesting, as I’m also experiencing strange twitches in guided / auto missions. did you’re reset of firmware and parameters help?

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An electrical reset can be done by either removing power or pushing the FMU reset button the side of Pixhawk next to the USB connector.
You can accomplish a firmware reset by using the CLI to reset the Pixhawk to factor parameters. You should save your existing parameters if you do not want them erased during a firmware reset.

thanks, i did that via CLI and also cleared the firmware by installing apm:plane and apm:copter again. after deleting the apm planner 2 settings locally and reconnection, it looked factory new.

but, I really want to know, if that could solve the twitching problem mentioned in this thread, as I believe it has something to do with my settings or everyone else with 3.1 would have a unusable auto / guided mode.

The easiest way is to install plane and then go back to copter