How to report missing airports in MP?

How do we report issues with the airport warning circles in MP?

There is a VERY active airport missing at 43.5738775 -71.4172912

Clearly seen in MP, or google earth, etc.

FAA Identifier: LCI
Lat/Long: 43-34-22.9500N / 071-25-04.2300W
43-34.382500N / 071-25.070500W
43.5730417 / -71.4178417
Elevation: 545 ft. / 166.1 m (surveyed)
Variation: 16W (1995)
From city: 3 miles NE of LACONIA, NH
Time zone: UTC -4 (UTC -5 during Standard Time)
Zip code: 03246

It’s strange that this very active airport is missing, but there are a few other less used ‘seaplane base’ reported in the area.

I’m not sure how the airport list is configured/updated.

I hope this helps.


We are now at Mission Planner version 1.3.28 build 1.1.5624.13992 and I’m still seeing this missing airport.

Is it that this major regional airport is missing from some worldwide database?

Is it that Mission Planner isn’t picking it up for some reason?

I first reported this sometime ago (August 2014) and there has been no reply for how I can even help by checking this issue.

This is not a small town airport, please see the Google Earth view.

The strange thing is that there are many much smaller, rarely used ‘seaplane’ bases surrounding this airport, yet this regional airport with Jet aircraft as well as general aviation small aircraft are using it daily.

Here are some links to it: … al-Airport … aconia.htm

If someone can tell me which database(s) that Mission Planner is using to list airports, I’m happy to check to report this missing airport.

I’m not sure what this means, but in this file: … rports.csv

I found a reference to this airport:

20325,“KLCI”,“small_airport”,“Laconia Municipal Airport”,43.5727005005,-71.4188995361,545,“NA”,“US”,“US-NH”,“Laconia”,“no”,“KLCI”,“LCI”,“LCI”,“","”,

So why isn’t it shown in Mission Planner as you can see in this Screen Shot (the red + is right where the airport should be:

But these nearby (but much smaller and rarely used, if at all) airports are shown:

8007,“16NH”,“seaplane_base”,“Bossey’s Seaplane Base”,43.6041984558105,-71.5124969482422,624,“NA”,“US”,“US-NH”,“Meredith”,“no”,“16NH”,“16NH”,

23024,“NH71”,“seaplane_base”,“Loons Nest Seaplane Base”,43.6386985778809,-71.3230972290039,504,“NA”,“US”,“US-NH”,“Tuftonboro”,“no”,“NH71”,“NH71”,

11252,“48NH”,“seaplane_base”,“Winter Harbor Seaplane Base”,43.5938987731934,-71.2613983154297,504,“NA”,“US”,“US-NH”,“Wolfeboro”,“no”,“48NH”,“48NH”,

23021,“NH68”,“seaplane_base”,“Merrymeeting Lake Seaplane Base”,43.4799995422363,-71.1701965332031,647,“NA”,“US”,“US-NH”,“New Durham”,“no”,“NH68”,“NH68”,

Am I looking in the wrong place?

Can someone help, or elaborate?


anything marked as “,“small_airport”,” is not shown.

looks like seaplane base should be added as well.

the database is from

If you’re marking small airports as ‘not shown’ then yes, seaplane bases should also be not shown.

May I suggest to allow an option to choose if to turn the display of these smaller airports on or off. It may be important to someone.

This particular small airport is quite busy, with Lear Jets and other private and small jets as well as propeller driven planes coming and going all day long. Where the ‘seaplane bases’ in this area are mostly rarely used (there is one that is used regularly, but the others are not used so much).

Thanks for explaining the issue.

currently the filter is this

if (items[2].Contains(“small_airport”) || items[2].Contains(“seaplane_base”) || items[2].Contains(“heliport”) || items[2].Contains(“closed”))

they are all excluded, from display

Thanks for this. I’ll look for the next version of MP to see how it looks. Of course, this particular airport still won’t be displayed, but at least now I know why.

I would like to suggest that this list should be documented in the Wiki for the Mission Planner so that users won’t think that all airports (small and large) are displayed, as this could give them a false sense of security thinking that they are not near an airport. Obviously, not displaying ‘closed airports’ is an understandable thing to omit, but some users may be surprised to know that heliports, seaplane bases, or small airports are excluded.

Thanks again for your time and of course for Mission Planner!