How to repair wires ripped out of ESC after a crash

After a crash described in my previous post (viewtopic.php?f=48&t=6598), I thought I had simply lost one IRIS arm, but it appears as if the arm breaking also tore the red and black wires out of those little clamp straps on the ESC. See the photo attached. How do you get those clamps off? I figure that’s what the clamps are for… in case the wires get stressed from a crash they will just pop out. I would rather not solder the wires, so I’m looking for some advice. If it is my only option, so be it, but I’d rather get some help from someone at 3DR because of the “warranty” thing.

Just solder them I don’t think you can return it for warranty repair after you have crashed it. I might be speaking out of turn on that though. Soldering is simple and quick and cheap!

Red goes to C and Black Goes to B.

See Here:

Page down you will see a layout photo.

Here is the replacing motors guide: … motors.pdf

Other information in:

For further assistance regarding the warranty, please write to

Thanks for everyone’s replies…

@GaryMortimer - I did contact 3DRobotics support via phone and they have approved the replacement of all my parts from this particular crash.

@Shokwave - The review looks like it is the preview edition of the IRIS and not the consumer version. The consumer version has these clips that are on each of the terminals of the ESC, and in my opinion it is not a good idea to solder the wires to these clips. I would want to know how to remove the clips, should I don’t receive a new ESC in my replacement parts. They are pretty tough little buggers, they don’t come off very easily and there is probably some trick to it.