How to remove Remote id

How would I completely disable remote id being used on my drone or plane. As this is very privacy invasive to the operator.

You should see on your remote id manual how to disable it.

But if you have some, that is that your locale regulation require one … so I don’t see where it bother in term of privacy.

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What manual I built the drone myself is there a way to block it it arudupilot software is there a parameter that you can disable.

Did you install a remoteID module or is it built into one of your other components?

How exactly is it envasive to your privacy? Do you drive your car without a number plate and vin number?

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no i never installed it, i thought it was installed by default.

government/law enforcement can see you location i believe they should leave people alone, regulation kills innovation.

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If you never installed a remote ID module, you’ll not have remote ID, even if the firmware has the capability to run such a module.

For now, it’s perfectly legal to fly such a homemade craft in the US without penalty. Later this year, that will no longer be true.

When that happens, regardless of your feelings about it, this forum probably isn’t the place to discuss evading regulation…


nobody cares about your location … if privacy is a big deal, don’t use anything connected to internet. Even on this discuss there a 100ths bot/services scrapping your informations, locations and anything private.

So having a remoteID on your drone for the few minute flight time you have shouldn’t be a thing to worrries.

And no regulation kills nothing … Idiots are killing innovation by trying to hide their flaws, not regulation.

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Since we’ve opened the can of worms a bit, I will share my own concern with Remote ID, and it has nothing to do with innovation or government tracking.

I fear that neighborhood busy bodies will begin buying Remote ID receivers and indiscriminately reporting every flying thing they see, ignorantly concerned for THEIR privacy.

My livelihood depends on remaining in good stead with the FAA, and I don’t relish fighting nuisance reports from Karen and Chad. But that’s a risk I will take, as I will comply with the rules, their reports will be baseless, and I’ll carry on with my hobby all the same.


trust me government cares , i do take steps to protect my privacy to the best of my ability. I have seen so many times where regulation has killed innovation. as Yuri_rage said if i never installed the remote id module then nothing to worry about. I will worry if they start automatically embed the remote id into arudupilot core software

Define “they” please ?
ArduPilot is working worldwilde, we are following the most regulations (and even are implicated in some) but we won’t make mandatory the law from only one country into the autopilot.

For concerns about remoteID, yep USA is a crazy place from my point of view. RemoteID is mandatory in France since years and a nobody care. So the concern is not the gov, not the remoteID but stupid people, and I could understand the concern about dealing with this.

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yea nobody cares about remote id in france because the people are subjugated by your government. i see protests every day in France on news and social media.

i understand your opinion but this is my opinion.


The only issue with the way remote id as written in the US currently is giving the general public access to pilot location. There are action groups working on that specifically. As far as the conspiracy theories of big government etc. blah blah let’s move on and continue to innovate. For anyone to see or ‘spy’ on you, they’ve got to be rather close and have their app open to even see you. If you’re flying legally, there’s nothing to worry about in regards to ‘government.’ If law enforcement oversteps, you have recourse. The FAA is quite clear on this.

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the thing about conspiracy theories they usually end up being true.


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Advice on remoteID :
ArduPilot don’t do remoteID by default. But we remind you that you should comply with your local regulation to fly, even if you don’t like the regulation.
ArduPilot will always try to make regulation compliance easier but will never enforce anything as regulations are different between the countries

Have fun flying and do it safely.