How to reduce pitch authority on V tail

I have a mini-goose which has a V tail. In manual mode its very sensitive in pitch but very weak with rudder authority.
I dont want to limit servo throw because this will reduce rudder power.
The mixing gain will increase or decrease both rudder and elevator by the same amount.
I also dont think its a good idea to limit pitch on the TX as other modes are ok in pitch.

Any suggestions please?

Maybe some expo with the MAN_EXPO_PITCH parameter? Wouldn’t decrease authority but rather decrease sensitivity to stick movement near neutral.

That should help. Would prefer if there was an linear way to reduce throws but will give that a try.

I would suggest trying MIXING_OFFSET.


Thanks Joerg, I have to say, looking at the explanation in the full parameter list, Im quite confused exactly what that does. Ill try it on the ground tomorrow to see if it has the desired affect.

Also look at the MIXING_GAIN

I have a couple of nano talons with V tails and I have the mixing gain set to 1.