How to receive UDP packets from 3rd party app in MissionPlanner?

Hello, I have a 3rd party app that wants to send UDP packets to MP, which it then wants to re-packaged as MAVLINK packets and sent to ArduPilot. I need to know how and where in the MP code to create a socket and look for data at >= 30 Hz. I have added some code to process special key board key combos in MainV2.cs and send MAVLINK packets to ArduPilot, but that knowledge does not seem to be of much help to me with the current issue. I’d greatly appreciate any help in figuring this out.

You have to create your own thread to do such things in MP. Look for Thread.Start(…) lines in MainV2

@Eosbandi Thanks a million for your response with valuable info. I’ll follow up and see!