How to read Hobbywing or T-Motor ESC current information

Hello everyone,
I am trying to read ESC telemetry data of hobbywing and T-Motor ESC
It is important to mention that both companies have same product for 200A ESC

  1. Hobbywing X Rotor Pro HV200A
  2. T-Motor Flame 200A
    I have purchased both ESCs and found they are same. Even the communication protocol is same.
    I have successfully read rpm, voltage and temperature information but unable to read current value.
    Two different formulas are given in the document to decode current value. Calculations for both formulas have been tried but failed to get the correct value as measured through Ampere meter.

    The raw data along with actual current value is also attached below

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks

We got a PR for this : Add support for HobbyWing ESC telemetry by peterbarker · Pull Request #22649 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub