How to read .bin ; .log ; tlog. into matlab


I performed flight tests which generated log files. I can get theses log files into 3 formats : .bin ; .log ; tlog.

I would like to manipulate data from these files like x, y, z positions into matlab but I have no idea how to do it.

Do you have any suggestion ?

Thank you very much.

You have an option on Mission Planner to export the logs to a MatLab friendly format

Could you be more specific please ?

As you can see below the only export option I have are in .log or .kml/.kmz but I don’t know to read it properly on matlab



I said Mission Planner, not APM Planner.

ps: I’m also a Mac user and keep a VM with MP available for a few things that are easier and/or only available on MP.

It is working very well!
Thanks a lot @LuisVale