How to power a 24v rated BLDC with a 36-50.4v (12s) Battery?

I have a BLDC controller rated for 24-48v, but does this mean

  1. This controller can be used with BLDC rated for 24-48v? And I have to feed it the voltage the BLDC is rated for? This means I need a DC-DC to convert my battery voltage to exactly 24v? (It’s 2000 watts, not sure I can find a converter with that high output.)
  2. Or does it mean the power source can be between 24-48v? But I have to somehow tell it the BLDC I am using is 24v?

Is there a better way to do this I am not thinking of?

For reference, the BLDC motor I am using has 8 pins

  • U, W, V (standard 3 pole)
  • Hu, Hw, Hv (For Hall sensors)
  • 5v, GND (I think this is for the Hall sensor)

Can I plug this into sensorless-ESCs and just not connect the Hall sensors?