How to "play" the mission without taking the plane into the air?

Hello, I’ve been struggling with the camera trigger setup on my plane (seagull map2 + sony qx1).
The only way for me to “test” if the mission events are working and the photos are taken is to physically takeoff the plane run the mission, land it, take out microsd and check if the photos are there. Pretty frustrating to see that photos haven’t been taken at right places because of some incorrect settings or lighting or ordering of events etc.
I was looking for one of the following (no success so far):

  • at least, run single arbitrary event manually from mission planner - e.g. do_set_servo. Tried ‘servo set …’ in mavproxy - no any effect.
  • play the mission with simulated navigation but “real” camera trigger / servo events
  • execute script or python or anything else which corresponds 1-to-1 to what is executed during mission.

I’m surprised that there I couldn’t find available way to manipulate mission events manually.

Check out the simulation tab mission planner.

Simulation will not physically trigger any servo - that’s not what I am looking for

If you are just looking to trigger a servo there is the servo tab on the main screen.

What if I just want to trigger random event like DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL ?