How to pick a set of components

I need help choosing components. I’ve been working on Arduino projects for about a year. I’ve programmed for about 8 years for IOS. Now I developed a community of Arduino tinkerers and lately we have been toying with interfacing projects to Android and iOS.

So one of my interests is to get components for that community so they can build their own drones. Most of us have hubsan x4’s so that’s the limit of our experience. We are not a wealthy bunch so I would like to supply them with components for building simple drones like the hubsan x4. Which components would be ideal for this kind of project? I’ve found:

  • Naze32 Flight Controller NAZER 32 10DOF with Barometer Compass for Mini Quadcopter QAV250 ZMR250 280 300 ect

  • Hobbypower MWC MultiWii SE V2.5 Flight Controller & GPS Bluetooth Module Combo for 3D Fly

I understand these are just the flight controller boards with a few sensors. Aside from this we would need ESC’s and PDB since we already have the hubsan x4 motors.

For a second type of project of which we would only need one, we determined the most uncomfortable thing of our hubsan x4 is not being able to control it well from point A to B and controlling it’s altitude. To this end I believe gps navigation via way points would be a good solution. So I found this:

  • LHI APM2.6 APM Flight Controller Board w/ Side-Pin Connector for ARDUPILOT MEGA 2.6

This again is a flight controller only but it comes in a package that’s easy to connect the gps and anything else we might need.

What else would I need?

I looked at these items more for their price points than anything else.


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