How to perform Compasmot on LARGE Octa

So I have a 1.4M octa with 24KG total thrust. Obviously that is quite a lot! I am not sure it is even safe to provide full power to all 8 motors at the same time without damaging the landing gear (34kg load) or maybe shorting the PDB (Thought it is rated for this its still from china…).

Thoughts on doing this? I don’t ever have very good yaw control, it normally has 5-10 degrees yaw “wag” during flight and I want to eliminate the compass as a problem before I do more extensive testing.


As for the landing gear, I’d build a rig from stones or wood blocks to rest all arms on, which would spread the load evenly.
As for the PDB… well - if you have doubts about that, you shouldn’t fly a 10kg 1,4m hedgetrimmer with that PDB in the first place :slight_smile:.