How to make telemetry using nrf24 modules?

Telemetry is just a wireless usb right , how can we use nrf24 to make diy telemetry using arduino?

your best option for a cheap connection is a esp8266 chip using wifi.

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Hey man thanks for the reply , i almost got what i wanted. Just want ask if the range of telemetry is 200m and we plan a mission where the vehicle goes farther than 200m will the mission continue or rtl will trigger?

you can set GCS failsafe to stop the vehicle if telemetry is lost or to continue if in auto mode.

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Did anyone interfaced nrf24 with pixhawk? because I need at least range of 500-600m. please help.

Nrf24 isn’t a standalone transceiver you need a processor connected to it to operate it.

How about i use arduino, will it work?

Could you please give your email address , so that we can discuss

Have you got any leads?