How to make a request to Backport a feature to APM for ArduRover

Hi everyone. As you know the ArduPIlot Development team no longer actively develops for APM (AVR CPU) based platforms as the latest code offers more features and thus requires more resources then the older 8bit CPU’s can offer. However, if there is a feature that is already released in the latest code that you really like to be in the APM code base it might be possible depending on what it is. Some things are simply not possible on the 8bit CPU - think EKF. But other things might be.

What you need to do in order to make this request is raise a NEW Topic under this “APM Backporting” category with the details of what you want. A developer (probably me) will look at your request and determine if its technically possible, reply with any questions and determine roughly how long its going to take.

If its decided it can and will be done then YOU the requester will be required to test the beta release that will be created with the feature on a REAL rover and provide tlogs and dataflash logs back to the developer and any other relevant information. If your not prepared to test the requested feature on a real rover please don’t make the feature request.

Once the feature has been tested and is deemed all ok then a new release of the AVR 2.x release of Rover will be made with that feature in it.

Any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to post and let us know.

Thanks, Grant.