How to log the synthetic airspeed data?

Hi there!
I flew my plane with the parameter ARSPD_TYPE=0 and checked through the telemetory that the synthetic airspeed estimation works well.
But after the flight I found no airspeed data is logged.
I want to analyze my flight log with airspeed.
Does anyone teach me how to log the synthetic airspeed data?

In your logs, look under CTUN, you should have a an Aspd field. That will have the airspeed estimate if airspeed type = 0 or if your air speed sensor is unhealthy.

Thnak you IAMMATT,
I missed to check CTUN.
By the way could you teach me what CTUN abbreviation stands for?

Thank you IAMMATT,
Could you teach me what the CTUN arreviation stands for?

CTUN (Control, Throttle and altitude information)