How to interface with Pixhawk controllers using ChibiOS (instead of NSH)?


I’ve been using NSH to debug my flight controllers for a long while based on the following instructions…
Interfacing with Pixhawk using the NSH

Now that Mission Planner/Ardupilot is switching to ChibiOS, I need to find similar instructions to help me access the ChibiOS console for debugging. I have been using Serial connection to the controller device (via Putty or Linux screen command) and also through USB connection (with MAVProxy’s nsh module) to access the nsh command shell.

How can I do so now with ChibiOS? I have not been able to find similar instructions yet.
FYI: The controller devices I have include the following (with the first two on the list of greatest importance):

  1. HolyBro Pixhawk 4
  2. CUAV Pixhack 3
  3. Hex Technology Pixhawk 2.1 “The Cube”
  4. Radiolink & ReadyToSky Pixhawk