How to integrate Cube orange to fixed-wing plane?

I wanna modify RC trainer plane wingspan 1.70 m by integrate Pixhawk cube orange.
please suggest solution and diagram for power Pixhawk and propulsion.

this is a great start here Plane Home — Plane documentation. Considering you have a platform already become good friends with the wiki its very detailed. The search function on the forum for questions is also a great place for info as there is a ton of it on here. Also provide a link or photo of the trainer someone may have already installed it in one

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thanks for your advice.

Follow the link to my channel, there you can find useful information on setting up the aircraft, which is converted from RC Trainer. Installation of flight controllers in radio-controlled models trainers PARAGON and DOMINO manufacturer Phoenix Model Vietnam 2 part of the video Rebuilding the trainer model of Phoenix Model into an UAV with the flight management unit Holybro - YouTube . There is a flight of an electric plane here Paragon and Holybro Pixhawk4 - YouTube There is a flight of an airplane with an internal combustion engine Testing trener DOMINO, Holybro DURANDAL and Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) - YouTube After testing the aircraft with the internal combustion engine, I applied vibration protection Испытания виброизоляторов на самолёте DOMINO - YouTube