How to install Props/spacers?

Ok I feel like a total idiot. I can’t get my props on.

I took off the nut and lock washer and then put the spacers onto the motor shafts, They are SUPER tight. In fact I had to grip them real good and spin them on the motor shaft (threaded) in order to get them to go down. Then at the bottom there are no threads. The spacers just get hung up there. I can’t get them the last 5mm or whatever it is so that the prop sits flush onto the black motor mount plate.

I actually did get two on, by screwing the nut/washer on on top of the prop and after it screwed on a bit, it pushed the prop and spacer all the way down. But on the two others, I don’t know what to try. I don’t want to break the props either. I was thinking of screwing the nut on without the prop, just to push down the spacer, but even that means the motor begins turning, and it’s hard to hold onto the motor with my fingers (sharp edges too!).

I feel like there must be some kind of trick here, but I haven’t figure it out… any tips??


The spacers are very tight and basically don’t fit. I had to use a round file to get them on but you should be able to just (gently) tighten until they get pushed down since you have already forced them on.

Yeah I don’t think they’re coming off now (e.g. to file the inside down a bit). I did think about doing that earlier, but then considered how I’d probably screw up the “precision holes” they have already. sigh

Update: Ok so I stopped being a “wuss” and let’s just say now I got the props on. :smiling_imp: I actually ended up holding the motor (blue part) with a towel (so my fingers don’t get cut up) and used my power drill to put the nuts on (no props) to force down the spacers. It worked great. Then I took the nuts off and put the props and lock washer on, and put the nuts back on. This time no problems. They are all on and fully seated now. I’m happy. :smiley:

Now it’s TIME TO FLY!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: