How to install Arduplane 3.7.1 with the integrator reset bug fixed

Hello to all,
I was trying to understand a crash with Arduplane 3.7.1 ocurred when we switched to RTL, and the plane put itself at 90deg ROLL and entered a “spiral of death” and hit the ground at high speed. I have found some recent simmilar crashes in these forum, then I found this thread:

that talk about a bug in Arduplane 3.7.1 resetting the integral part of PIDs when switching modes, which could explain our crash. This was corrected by @tridge last december “in the master”, but my 3.7.1 firmware, installed recently with the firmware update procedure of Mission Planner still have the bug (checked with dataflash logs).

Could please someone explain how to install Arduplane 3.7.1 stable with the bug fixed? Do I need to compile myself the code?
Thank you in advance and regards,

you can always compile the code yourself BUT simply running v3.8beta would work too.