How to increase quality of HUD recording codec for gstreamer purposes

Is there any way to change / remove / increase quality of HUD records?. According the latest enchncements to mission planner I can send gstreamer pipleline to MP HUD panel and additionaly there is an option to record/log session.
When I`m using it pipeline is send with HD quality ( 1280x720 /25fr/s with high bitrate ) and HUD panel decode it easy with good quality on screen.
In the case I do start recording, quality of output file is not so good. Output avi file has reduced bad quality ( something like 768x448) and support only 10 frames/sec ) . Is there any way to remove this codec and record raw file without compression or maybe are they any parameters that allow me to increase quaility of this recording?

edit . I did test recording options little more and I know that recording resolution depend on window size ( where pipeline is shown ). When i did setup HUD panel as separate window I recieived HD format, but still I have a problem with numer of fps. Mission planner always reduce comperss numer of frames to 10 frame/second. Is there any way to solve it and increase numer of frames in output file ?

to minimise performance issues it was left at a lower resolution. I personally would suggest recording outside of mission planner if you want perfect quality, and then tee it off to the MP hud. After all having a 1080p stream shown in a 640x480 windows doesn’t really work that well