How to increase aileron deflection in FBWA mode on bench

I am running AP v4.1.7 in 2 planes. One plane has much less deflection than the other, and the P,I,D and other relevant param are more or less the same. I went thru all the answers/suggestions to the posts similar to my issue , but all those answers did not help…the answers/suggestions include :–

  1. Is air speed sensor installed ---- mine is not
  2. Scaling _speed — at default of 15 (no change in aileron deflection when set to 0 or 50)
  3. Stall prevention — no change in aileron whether activated or not
  4. Change in throttle position does not change aileron deflection.
  5. Lim_ROLL_CD ---- I change to max of 9000, no change in deflection, whether rolling the plane or using Tx aileron stick.

I am concerned about this small deflection, and thus in Manual mode, I increase the aileron deflection for next flight, just in case. Why one plane has more deflection than the other, and which param controls it ?

Can anyone help ? Thank you.

I’m assuming that these are both exactly the same plane, and that the physical setup of all the servos and control horns in question is exactly the same. Verify first you have the same deflection on both planes in manual mode?

If both planes are exactly the same you can use the compare function in MP to look at both sets of parameters to see what’s different. If you’re in FBWA the PID controller may be limiting the travel if the plane has been tuned.

Thanks for the reply. Will try all your suggestions.

also, if you have dual/multiple rates configured on your transmitter, be sure you have hi rates chosen for max deflection.
if that fixes the issue, you wouldn.t be the 1st one. ;>/