How to include scripting


I am working with the Flywoo F745 GOKU. I got the brand new revision 1.2 that has 1MB of flash instead of the old one that has half of that. I want to put a very simple script to change the LED colors. But I don’t have SCR_ENABLE. This link says that we can create a custom firmware to include LUNA scripting. ( Firmware Limitations on AutoPilot Hardware — Copter documentation

However, I don’t know which feature to select in in order to get the SCR_ENABLE

It doesn’t appear that the firmware generator has that option. You may have to build from source.

Im apologize, Im fairly new to this. How do I build from source?
Is there another option to control the LED colors? I know python, but I couldn’t find a way to do it from there.

If all you want to do is control LEDs, building custom firmware probably isn’t the answer. Have a look at the NTF* parameters for some built in functionality. Otherwise, maybe a separate controller like a small Arduino could work for you.

Scripts can only be used if the flash memory is above 2M


I want to change the colors of my Neopixel during flight, will NTF work for that?


I recommend something like an Adafruit Trinket M0 to handle the task.

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Thank you for your help! we got it working using a Mini arduino to take in the PWM
and output to the Neopixel

Hey, You can embed your scripts during firmware build for low flash MCU.
Check below!