How to identify original pixhawk

Hello all,
How to know whether Pixhawk 2.4.7 is original or copy?

I’ve never heard of a 2.4.7. 2.4.8 is a definite knock off. I us them all the time. If you’re really worried about it, buy a name brand system from a reputable dealer. That one usually works the best and will almost always yield good results.

Yes bought it from well known dealer, but still i am doubtful whether seller got first copy . Any way to identify at our end.

Of course he didn’t get “first copy”. Original 3dr Pixhawks haven’t been made for many years. The closest you could come to an “original” was the offering from Mrobotics and those are now discontinued. They were built to the 2.4.6 Reference standard. Everything else is a knock-off. Perhaps your dealer is a weasel like this seller here on eBay pedaling a cheap 2.4.8 as an Official 3DR Pixhawk.

If you want an “Original” Flight Controller buy one from Hex, Mrobitcs, Holybro or Matek. There are some others.

There is no version mentioned on top, also there us only PX4 at one side, see images attached.

Nothing to see here. Just another Generic Pixhawk. Perhaps it’s another unscrupulous dealer like this one from India.

3DR Approved Clone. This is the funniest joke yet.

So all of these are copy of pixhawk?

They are all copies.

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This is what happened to 3DR. Note the date when the Tijuana manufacturing facility closed. After that Mr. Muñoz started Mrobotics and produced the Pixhawk 2.4.6 Reference standard FC. There was also collaboration with Hobbyking and Holybro to label the Pixhawk Mini a 3DR product. All else can be considered copies or altered versions like what’s called the 2.4.8. Except of course for the Pixhawk 2 that was in the Solo.

This is not to say that these other Pixhawks won’t perform, clearly they will as there are many of them flying. I had a couple successfully flying myself for a few years. The 1st Hobbyking knock-off of the Pixhawk and another generic 2.4.8 from an eBay store.