How to have mission planner load the version 3.2.1 for arducopter on 2.6 board

Need assistance to get the 3.2.1 version of copter loaded on my new (outdated) version 2.6 board versus loading up current version of firmware.

Just select the current stable (3.4.4 today). It will detect the FC and load 3.2.1

Thanks Dave as one of many newbies spending hours of time sourcing information, I appreciate your assistance. As it turned out after training myself all night on the Arduino code system I found out 2 things, my FC is a clone and it’s probably shot. No access to the bootloader. Tried to figure out a way to burn the firmware on the board but no luck there.


Jim-I have many clones (APM’s, Pixhawks, others) and that alone doesn’t mean much. Not sure why you would need access to the bootloader. Will it not flash the firmware from Mission Planner?

I wish it would flash like u indicate but mp wasn’t able to recognize and/ or access the board. At least Arduino was able to recognize and give basic info on the board.
Is there a good outline some where to flash the board…it’ an apm 2.5 v5 board.
Willing to flash it if I could. Though I’ve been checking out alternatives as I don’t expect Banggood will come through with a replacement.

2.5v5? Which FC is that? Came with a quad I would guess.

It’s a Banggood special Eachine e350 its called a Globalfly – board labelled as 2.5 version 5

For my first quad I was looking for something like a phantom but at a lower cost as a learning exercise……got my money worth there…lol


Can’t help you with that. Why not buy a cheap APM 2.6/2.7/2.8 clone for ~$35 (or less) and work with that. Or better yet buy a Pixhawk 2.4.8. APM is old and static.

Looking at both 2.8 and pixhawk….which one do you recommend as both are around the same price. Giving Banggood some time to respond.

Thanks Dave

No question there, go with the Pixhawk. Firmware for APM stalled out 2 yrs ago and Pixhawk is still going strong.

Thanks Dave