How to give model name to log file?

I have two helis and a hexcopter using Ardupilot. Is there any way I can make MP incorporate the craft name into the name of the log file when it saves it to my laptop? At the moment it’s putting all the log files into the same folder on my laptop, with only the dates and times as their names, so I have no way of knowing which file relates to which model.

Set SYSID_THISMAV may help.

Thanks ROSStargh. I’ll give my models a system id and see if it’s referenced in the logs.

Can be seen in PARM.

Thanks Mustafa. Presumably PARM can only be seen once the log file is opened. I was hoping it would be incorporated in the name of the log file, so that I can see which model it relates to without having to actually go into the file.

Anyway, I’m going to input an id for one of my models into SYSID_THISMAV this afternoon and see what happens.

No, those suggestions don’t do what I was hoping to do. The logs are saved in the format yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss irrespective of what SYSID_THISMAV is specified.

Also, when I try to display PARM>Name I get an error message “There is too much bad data - failing”. All other parameters that I routinely view never have this problem.

Mission planner logs are stored in the documents/logs directory. A subdirectory is created for each mav_type (GENERIC, FIXED_WING, QUAD…) and then another subdir created based in the SYSID. Then the flight date and time is given to the log file.

Thanks Andras. Back when I started with my Ardupilot hexcopter Mavlink (or Ardupilot) created subdirectories for FIXED_WING, HEXAROTOR, QUADROTOR, GENERIC, and HELICOPTER, and under the HELICOPTER and HEXAROTOR directories it created a “1” directory into which all my hex and heli log files have gone automatically. That’s understandable because the default for SYSID_THISMAV appears to be “1”, and I’ve never changed it until just now.

So, having changed SYSID_THISMAV to “2” just now for the heli I’m working on, and done a short run to create a log, I find that the log is still posted in heli subdirectory “1”. Should Mavlink have created, and used, a new subdirectory “2”, or am I supposed to create it first?

Nope. Did you reboot your flight controller and reconnect to it ?

I can’t remember, but maybe I didn’t reboot between tests. I’m just about to have another testing session now (programming an Auxiliary Function to disarm without using full right rudder), so hopefully the logs will now go into directory “2”.

All is good – the logs this afternoon are being saved in directory “2”. Thanks everyone for your help.