How to get the Uniue Serial ID of the pixhawk using MAVLINK?


When I connect to the pixhawk using Mission planner, I can see the unique id in the messages tab right after the firmware version like this -


what’s the mavlink command to get this information?

there is no command for requesting it, but you will get it by commanding a preflight reboot.

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This info is stored in STATUSTEXT ( #253 )

MP gets it here


Isn’t STATUS_TEXT used for other information too? I recall getting throttle armed and disarmed messages in it.

as Andre-K said, I can’t request it?

Or is there any other kind of unique Hardware information available in the pixhawk that can be used to uniquely identify a pixhawk?


I was able to get it from STATUSTEXT. I first had to send a command using param_fetch_all.

I also wanted to know if there’s any way that this serial number can be modified.

Is it possible to get the Unique Serial ID from Dronekit. Can someone please help me on the approach?

hello all this question is for whom ever can answer it the faa is implementing the drone I’d on all drones. my question is would audupilot have a remote drone I’d implemented in its program for giant drone users like myself.

That’s worth opening a new thread for: I’ll wait til you do that, so the conversation is clear and not confused by the history in this one.

unique id next to ArduPlane version, is that serial number for pixhawk?
Will it not change if pixhawk reset & firmware reloaded?

STATUSTEXT file mentioned, where can it be found?

Please reply urgent.

Don’t hijack threads. Open a new one, and ask your question there.

did you get the answer?

I did. There are multiple ways of reading sn. I want to know more about your requirement for me to suggest you. Sorry for the late reply. I was off for quite some time

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If you’ve found answer, How can I retrieve Serial ID of PixHawk can you share with me the method or source?