How to get signals from sBuso to sBus in?

I’ve tried everything. I can’t seem to get any sbus signals out of the sBuso port. Do I need to enable it somehow?

The situation is that I have a sbus ready gimbal (Movi M5) that works fine when connected to the receiver via sbus, but I can’t get any response when trying to use the sBuso port on the Cube carrier board.

My params:
params7December2022calibrated_compasses.param (17.6 KB)

Set the Mount type

I’ve tried setting it to each option, then rebooting and testing. None of the options changes anything. I think it should be set to “7,” as per the instructions. Should I be setting it to something not listed or other than 7?

Another detail I am unsure of is the part of the instructions: " RC8_OPTION = 163 (“Mount Lock”) to switch between “lock” and “follow” mode with RC channel 8"

My gimbals have three “modes:” off, handheld, remote control. I’ve assigned my “mode” switch to go between these three, but it’s not communicating. It works fine via any means other than the sBuso of the flight controller (joystick, receiver.)

I did not assign a pan rate channel. I like to combine the tilt and pan rates into one, which I’ve assigned to channel 8.

I’ve followed the instructions several times, thoroughly and the only thing that I am unsure about is the statement in the Ardupilot guide, " Gimbals that accept PWM input or SBUS input to control the gimbal’s lean angle should work." I am unsure what “lean angle” means. Maybe my gimbal can do this or not, but without some kind of definition, I’m not sure. I can choose to move tilt by either rate or by angle, and I prefer and configured for angle, so maybe this is lean angle. It’s the only thing I can imagine at this point. I don’t know why it works with different receivers, and a joystick that I have as well, but seems like nothing comes out of the sBuso port at all. I can’t get the “Gimbal Mode” switch (“Mount Lock” in Mission Planner) to turn the gimbal on or through the different modes, so I can’t get any response at all.

I’ve also tried each different setting for sBuso frame rate. Nothing changed.

Params how I think it should work:
params8December2022Gimbal.param (17.9 KB)

I’m using different channels than in the documentation’s instructions (as are my radio and gimbal, which work fine via receiver.) I deviated from the min and max angles, etc. to match those set in my gimbal settings, but otherwise I think I’ve carefully followed the instructions.

A couple years ago, I was trying to get a Gremsy gimbal (also sBus) working on either copter to no avail. I’ll try that one again on both copters and see if anything changes or provides any clues.

*update: Tried the Gremsy gimbal and it also does not seem to get sBus signals from either copter. So neither gimbal on either copter getting signals…

I’ve decided that my gimbals just are not compatible.

For anyone interested: The Movi M5 does not offer follow control while in dual operator mode and in single operator mode it does not accept rc input. So as an FPV camera, you’d have to either only control tilt & roll, and forget about pan capabilities; or remember to point your camera when you yaw. It does not respond to My Cube Orange sBus out. It does allow me to control tilt by angle instead of rate, but not pan, maybe that’s why it does not work. It might be a good gimbal for someone using a dual operator setup and using a receiver, but for a single operator/fpv it’s not going to be very useful.

The Gremsy Gstabi H3 is a really great gimbal. Tuning it is a lot easier than any gimbal I’ve used. It also allows to control tilt by angle or rate, but for pan you can only adjust the pan speed and cannot adjust pan by angle. So, as per the instructions, Smartly, it only allows follow mode when using the rc, so can be useful as a single operator fpv camera, just not via the flight controller (via receiver.)

This should not be taken lightly, as I did. Lesson learned.

I’m looking for recommendations on a gimbal that is known to work and carries cameras weighing about 7 lbs with lens. I see the Gremsy T7 is known to be compatible, but I’m looking for something cheaper/older. I want to get it right the third time.