How to get RSSI displayed on Mission Planner

I have got a pixhawk lite FC and a Frsky L9R receiver which outputs an analog voltage in the range of 0-3.3V to indicate the RSSI. I have checked with a multimeter that the RSSI output of the receiver is working

I have done all the procedures in this webpage The RSSI signal is connected to the S.Bus port of the pixhawk. The parameter settings are RSSI_PIN = 5 and RSSI_RANGE=3.3 as indicated in the webpage but I did not get any RSSI text in the flight data screen of Mission Planner at the location indicated below :

In the “status” window of the flight data screen of Mission Planner, the value of the rxrssi parameter is zero. May I know if there are anything that I have done wrong ?

first you should tell us the version of the firmware.Any you can upload the config file of your hawk.

Also. Did you add the filter resistor and capacitor as described in the link? The Receiver actually outputs a digital signal using Pulse Width Modulation. The RC Low Pass Filter smooths out the input pulses to produce a reasonably smooth analog output, to be read by the Pixhawk

This is a step that some people trying to use the FRSky RSSI miss.

Thanks for all the replies. It is found that the value of RSSI_PIN should be set to 103 instead of 5 in order to get it work.

I have a receiver outputs SBUS to a Navio2 running ArduCopter 3.4.5. I mapped the receiver’s RSSI value onto channel 9 of the SBUS stream.

I set Mission Planner parameters as follows:

RSSI_TYPE = 2 (PWM Value)

When I configure the rssi user item to show in the HUD, it only shows a zero (0).

Please let me know if I am missing something.