How to get Jet Cat Engine Telemetry into Pixhawk

I’m facing the issue getting the telemetry data (i.e. RPM, EXT,…) from the Jet Cat V12 ECU Telemetry port shown in the figure into the Pixhawk Cube Orange.


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This doesn’t seem already supported by ardupilot right?

How are you trying it? Are you developing code or Lua Scripts to read it out?

I don’t think Ardupilot has this direct future to get the data from the ECU.
I’m trying to use the telemetry 2 Serial Protocol but, didn’t find any option for ECU telemetry. Searching for Alternative procedure.

A quick search doesn’t turn up the CAN or serial protocols used by JetCat. I anticipate they are simple and easily consumed, which would make support fairly trivial. Lua scripting is likely the most rapid path to success.

Do you have a copy of the protocols used?

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it has an Integrated telemetry converter for:
Graupner HOTT
Futaba S-BUS2
Multiplex MSB

so you would need to convert one of those protocols to something consumable by ardupilot, lua is probably going to be the only way to do that without modifying source code or using an external arduino converter.

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@Yuri_Rage I don’t have any protocols used and I’m new to scripting. Kindly guide me pls.

@geofrancis Can you help me doing this.

Can’t guide you without documentation.

@RichardG you could start by contacting the supplier and asking for the protocol specification they use in this product. With this in hands, you can try to program a Lua Script or Ardupilot driver to decode the information and make a pull request to incorporate it in the Ardupilot repo, so this way many other users would benefit from it. Without protocol specification, there is no way to start it, because the system is just spitting off lots of information that we do not know how to interpret.