How to get Horizontal Accuracy H_ACC with Dronekit


I’m trying to get the h_acc (Horizontal Accuracy) value during the flight. I’m using a Pixhawk 2.1 with dronekit. The GPS_RAW_INT return only the following values {time_usec :, fix_type : , lat : , lon :, alt : , eph : , epv :, vel : , cog : , satellites_visible : }
In mission planner or APM it is possible to get the h_acc from the data logs. It is possible to get this value from Dronekit during the flight?

Thank you in advance!

Sure, just take a look at the GPS_RAW_INT message:

Thank you for your answer. I understand, GPS_RAW_INT with the extensions (h_acc, etc) works only with mavlink2. I changed the protocol to mavlink2 in the ardupilot for the serial port that communicates with the odroid. However, I don’t really understand how to tell the dronekit to use Mavlink2.

Did you figure this out??