How to get APD F3 ESC telemetry to work with Taranis X8R receiver

I hope to get the telemetry from my ADP F3 200 amp ESCs into my Taranis X8R receiver and displayed on my 9D plus transmitter. The default firmware and setups are not working. Has anyone done this? Anyone know how or if I can get it working? I do not see any sensor address assignments in the F3 setup options which I thought would be necessary.
Any clues would be appreciated.

High level:

  • The ESC needs to be using DHSOT protocol, and Telem wire connected to a serial pin. This makes data available to the FC
  • X8R receiver S-PORT needs to be connected to another serial pin for telemetry - details depend on your flight controller
  • Yaapu Telemetry script in transmitter

This wont necessarily put specific ESC data on the screen, but the yaapu telemtry in general is very good and highly useful. It’s definitely worth the effort. Which data are you after?
There might be a way to display temperature or RPM data.
If nothing else all the ESC data is also recorded in logs when using DSHOT and the telem wire.

Check through the wiki to see if you can find what you need - we can also ask

And check in here

Thanks for getting back to me.

I only have the ESCs and the X8R receiver in my system. Sounds like I need something between them. Right now I have external sensors for voltage, current, rpm and temperatures from two engines that connect directly to the X8R S bus. If the data is available directly from the ESC, it would simplify the system.

If I understand correctly, the Betaflight is just a half duplexed serial port? Is this a low voltage UART with start bit, 8 bits of data and stop bit(s)?

On the Taranis, the sensors each have a unique address which are identified in a find sensors process in setup. How is the data in the APD F3 accessed?

Is there someone out there that has been down this road?

A Flight Controller is typically in the system.

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Has anyone used the RC Light Systems Telemetry Converter with an APD F3 ESC and Taranis 9D?

Sorry Mike,
I assumed since you’d landed here you must already have an Ardupilot flight controller of some sort.
The APD ESCs can be configured to output just RPM as a PWM signal on the telem terminal. You might be able to use that.

I have seen those RC Light Systems Telemetry Converters exist but never seen one in use. It looks like they use all the data available from the ESC (BLHELI DSHOT style)


I dont have a flight controller. In this twin hybrid engine XF-11 each engine is directly controlled by its own X8R receiver. I was using 12S Castle ESCs but have switched to the ADP so I can increase to 14S. I hope I do not have to builld my own interface between the telemetry output of the F3 200

ESC and the smart port on one of the receivers. At the moment, I use several smart port sensors on each engine to get RPM, voltage, currents and temperatures on both engines…
getting to the sensors in the ESCs will clean things up significantly. If I get a good response from RC light Systems to my email, I’ll give one a try.

Thanks, Mike