How to fully disable GPS sattelites in MP?

How to disable using GPS sattelites? I’m try to set GPS_GNSS_MODE to 66 and other. It sets after rebooting vehicle, but count of usig sats dont change. How it’s possible, if i disable all groups exclude GLONASS and SBUS?

GPS_TYPE=0。it may be work

It’s disable all GNSS navigation. I need to use different groups of sattelites, without GPS group. For example: GLONASS + SBUS. But APM continue collecting data from GPS too.

You need to disable gps autoconfig in the parameters or it will reset any settings you make to the gps when you reboot.

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Thanks, it’s works. Do you know how can i check what exactly sattelites is using at a moment?

Sorry. No, it does not works. Number of sats don’t change anyway.

You might change to change the setting with the ublox software.

F9P can’t be set to work without GPS. It very strange, but i’m dont find any working issue.

Ublox support help me to setup F9P vodules. Right configuration to disable GPS sattelites looks this.