How to fly a Pixhawk drone setup on Mission Planner using QGround Control

I have a Pixhawk Hexa Drone setup and flying using Mission Planner. Can I run the drone using QGround Control without having to do the vehicle setup? ie will all the parameters in the drone work as is? I’m hoping I can switch to either MP or QGC and use the same drone without any issues.

I’d try it but I dont know if I connect the drone to QGC i might lose my params in the drone.

Thanks Ray

The parameters are saved on the flight controller, so you can use and change between different ground control software (like MP and QGC) anytime.


Thank you for the reply. I’ll try this weekend and report back.


Well it took longer than I expected but I was able to fly a short mission with the S550 Hexa using QGC on my laptop

Very pleased. Next with a galaxy tablet.

Getting late.

Thank you David for the information. Gave me some confidence this would work.