How to Flash/Strobe Neopixel LEDs when flying

I have installed “Panda RC WS2812 LED Arm Light” LEDs work perfectly and change according to status.
I want to make it Flash/Strobe while flying either by lua script or by controlling from radio.
I tried existing lua scripts from

But could not find any script which implemented Flash/Strobe.

Please help me to make LED Flash/Strobe


Like this?

Access denied, can you please share with read access?

Try this

thanks, please share lua script for this

This is not a lua script, is done with parameters
In the video the copter are dissarmed a the led flash green, when armed the led flash red.
For matek h743
Servo13 function = 120
Ntf led types = neopixel
For exámenes i you have four leds strips with 4 leds each one, then you set ntf led lenght to 16
And the Last setting is ntf led override set to traffic light.
I hope that this fix your problem

Yes this worked, many thanks,now its at least flashing, strobe etc I shall wait for others to implement

LED_pos.lua (2.2 KB)
This script allows set up of red and green left/right “position” or orientation LEDs and periodically flashes them white.
You have to ensure the correct number of LEDs is set, you’ve got two servo outputs set to 94 and 95, and check the “assert” lines of code and comment/uncomment to suit Neopixel or Profiled

It would be easy to change the colours or flash rates to indicate various things like a failsafe.

I don’t take any credit, it’s copied from one of the standard scripts - I’ve tried it and it worked for me.

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Thats great, thanks I shall try it and update same