How to find Product Key for herelink

I have updated my herelink for that I need product key
My serial number is : HX4060719800134
Model Number : HX406075

Can anyone help me finding my product key?

@bugobliterator @proficnc

how is this helpful to the problem? @Mallikarjun_SE

those belong to the vendor of the herelink. But you should contact your herelink seller to have the product key or look on the box as stated in the manual !

Thanks @khancyr, but no product key is available on the box. I am contacting the seller. Is there any official herelink site where we can find it?

It’s helpful because he is drawing the attention of those that can help you…

HereLink is a CubePilot product, as per the sticker that was on the front of the screen, all support is at

To get your software key contact your reseller, they have your key

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I tried updating my herelink, now I am unable to get a reply from supplier as they are in holiday for this week, can anybody help me to get a product key for herelink.

I missed out my top cover of my herelink pasted on the screen.

SN: HX4-06071-9501455
MODEL : HX4-06075

Only your reseller has this number.

hello, have you found the solution to that ? same issue here …

if my supplier dies i can throw my rc in the trash?

You can always get in touch with Cubepilot guys at
They’ll help you out.