How to find documentation on PX4FLOW ardupilot support?

I can’t find how to install the PX4FLOW module for my rover, I have a DROTEK 3 PRO.
I am looking for a manual please.
Thank you

How did you searched???
I just googled “ardupilot px4flow” and this was the first hit:

thank you,
But I have a rover and not a copter.
I looked but it is necessary to connect in telem and not in I2C

As far as I know, optical flow is still not supported in ardurover.

@djiane Can you do a github PR, moving OpticalFlow support from the copter to the AP_Vehicle class?

If you can not you will need to wait for someone else to do it.

ok, so I was right, its not working and it’s normal …

Curious, what is the use case for Flow with a Rover?

Optical flow can be used as an odometry source in rovers.

OK, thanks. I didn’t realize that was supported in Rover.

It is not. But other rovers (not ardu) use it.

I bought the module with the EZ4 sonar 10 €, so I want to use it

So use it. Analog Sonar performs very poorly. Not worth using in my opinion.

If you have to buy a model, what can you advise me?

What are you trying to do? You started this thread asking about Optical Flow and now you are talking about sonar.

J’ai dit que j’ai un “PX4FLOW” avec un sonar EZ4, J’ai ce model:

Did you read this in the Wiki?

Although the sensor may be supplied with a built-in Maxbotix LZ-EZ4 sonar to measure height, this has not been reliable enough over a range of surfaces in testing, so its readings are not used. It is recommended to purchase a PX4Flow device without the sonar. Instead a separate Range Finder such as the LightWare SF10b should also be attached to the vehicle.

Yep, not supported unfortunately. There was some work on it a while back but nothing got merged.

@MisterMower can you pick that up, rebase on master improve it, test it, and submit a new PR?