How to finalize Pixhawk installation

Hello, my name is Andrea and I am pretty new with Pixhawk.

I bought an RC car (FTX Canyon).

Question is: could I keep existing ESC, receiver…or do I need to buy more dedicated components of Pixhawh?

In case of keeping, how to properly connect cables? Here below pictures of RC car:

In the meantime I had started to install Pixhawk components:

Thanks for your support. Regards.


Most Car radios do not have enough channels. I was able to use a traxxs crawler for a rover with stock radios/esc.

Channel 1 steering channel 3 throttle channel 5 mode control.
Its a bit limiting with stock radios. Lots of fun but maxed out so I can’t add much.

edit: look through the rover wiki

The stock ESC will be fine but as Curt says you will want another RC system. It’s possible to operate with 3 channels but you really need more for convenience. Arm/Disarm, tuning functions, etc. I use 6 channels with my Rover.

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Thanks for the feedback.

So I will purchase a new receiver.

Do you have any advice for the wiring (ex. motor is connected to the ESC that is connected to the receiver or receiver is independently connected to the Pixhawk)?


ESC is connected to pixhawk. Rx is connected to pixhawk.
A simple connection is to use a spectrum satellite RX. You get the benefit is all TX channels with a simple satellite rx. Plugs into spkt port.

You will need a new transmitter and receiver. I suggest you read thru the Wiki for Rover setup.