How to enable SV Journey microSD recording?

I have a new SV Journey - and a new SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSD. I’m running Sky Viper Video Viewer 2.0 for Android. Following some examples on youtube I see there is a settings menu on the left side of the app’s live video stream window that allows selection of card vs phone, and distance units. I find I can select distance units by tapping “Feet” or “m” twice. But I cannot select the microSD card option - that button stays grayed out. After a few tests where I start video recording from the app, I see the videos are recorded on my phone but not on the card. I read the card on my linux machine and see a directory 6666-6331 on the card, but that directory is empty. Do I need to format the card in some way before using it in the drone (card is new out of the box) - the “grayed-out” settings button indicates to me that the drone doesn’t recognize the card. Thanks!